Non-Alcoholic and Inebriating

memento green

An exclusive selection of distilled natural aromatic waters, mixed according to ancient traditions.

From organic ingredients, non-alcoholic, vegan, sugar and gluten free.


Enjoy neat to savour all its purity.

With its unmistakeable aroma it’s a versatile base for creating cocktails.

memento blu

0,0% ALCOHOL         100% NATURE

MeMento Green - Botanicals - English
MeMento - Botanicals - English
MeMento Blue - Botanicals - English


Drinking doesn’t necessarily mean drinking alcohol
MeMento was not designed as a non-alcoholic version of a traditional distillate, but as a unique ingredient for the creation of exclusive drinks, perfect at any time of the day.


Transform ancient remedies into contemporary natural indulgences.
From ancient knowledge handed down in the Ricettario Fiorentino published in 1498 by the College of Physicians and Pharmacists, botanical essences are blended in a unique, a deja-vù of wellbeing and happiness.
The vertical slits on the label recall the five senses and allow us to look beyond, where we find a landscape, almost a memory, Memento


Pleasing the palate by providing a natural, enjoyable drink to create a multisensoral experience.
Studying the art of distilling our attention was caught by aromatic waters: perfumed and very pleasant to the palate, lighter than essential oils, but retaining the same quality.
Each ingredient distilled separately, allowing each single component to maintain its individual identity, before being blended together to form a sophisticated bouquet.


Nature inside and out: not only in the liquid, but also in the bottle.
Since the beginning, MeMento promotes the use of recyclable materials demonstrating its commitment to our planet.
In addition to the recycled glass bottle and the wooden cap and base, the FSC certified paper label certifies the brand’s responsible forest management.
made in italy


MeMento is the first 100% Italian brand in the category
Proud result of an innovative project born at the MIP-Politecnico di Milano in 2017
Premium quality ingredients, an award-winning design, MeMento embodies the very essence of Italy: excellence, craftsmanship and passion.


Enjoy as an aperitif with friends, by the pool, or admiring the view from a rooftop bar.
MeMento    |    MeMento Green    |    MeMento Blue
Download our recipe books: MeMento, MeMento Green, MeMento Blue



Since the launch, MeMento has received International recognition for the quality
of its unique tasting profile and for the elegant lines of its packaging.


MeMento’s founder, Eugenio Muraro, believes that the No/Low ABV market segment is poised for tremendous growthre. As such, he takes an active role in key industry events – conferences and trade shows.


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