November 22nd 2022 – January 14th 2023


MeMento – LESS is MORE + competition is open to adult Bartenders from all over the world.
The competition category will be:
  • No alcohol cocktails: mixtures made up 5 or less ingredients with 0.00 % ABV (alcohol by volume)


All bartenders can send their recipes for a first pre-selection screening from 22nd November to 20th December 2022 by filling out the form on the website
The judges will evaluate and select the best 8 recipes which will be published on the website
Through an online survey published on the website between 27th December and 13th January 2023 the best 4 recipes will be selected for the final competition in Milan, on 30th January 2023.




  • There is a limit of 1 entry per person.
  • Competitors will specify an original name1 for their cocktail.
  • All recipes will be expressed in cl (centiliters) with drops being the smallest quantities.
  • The minimum amount of MeMento, MeMento Green or MeMento Blue in each mixture will be 5 cl.
  • For the recipe can be used alternatively MeMento, MeMento Green or MeMento Blue
  • Bartending and mixology techniques are open (shake & strain, build, muddle, etc.)
  • Each bartender can use no more than one home-made ingredient: it will be labeled and its recipe will be clearly shown.
  • Food-drink paring is admitted.
  • Garnishes are admitted and they won’t be counted as ingredients.
  • Tobacco and any type of drug or psychotropic ingredients are prohibited.



  • 22nd November – 20th December 2022 : recipes submission on
  • 27thDecember – 13th January 2023: online survey and evaluation
  • 14th January 2023 : communication to finalists




Competitors must create an original signature MeMento cocktail and submit the information to the online entry portal ( before the closing date.
The information will include:
  • Cocktail name
  • Cocktail ingredients list
  • Glass type
  • Cocktail preparation methodology
  • Special or home-made preparation method
  • A photograph of the cocktail
  • A claim about the topic of the competition LESS – IS MORE + is needed
  • Cocktail Recipe including Nutritional Facts and Allergies and Intolerances info
  • Agreement to accept the terms and conditions of the competition
[1] The committee has the rights to reject all names that are considered offensive, immoral, associated to illicit drugs, sex or sexual success, or religions.



The winner will be included in MeMento team at Berlin Bar Convent 2023 (Berlin, Germany, 09th-11th October 2023) as house Bartender and will be able to show his cocktail recipe during the marketplace. The prize includes flight to and from Berlin in economy class, 2 nights accommodation and entrance to the marketplace2
All finalists will receive a participation diploma and a MeMento branded bartools.
[2] The prize does not include: transfer from airport to marketplace and back, insurance, visa and everything not listed in “the prize includes”.


The contest is open, send your recipe here:

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