There are many forms in which art can manifest, music, movies, poetry, sculpture and many more. All these very different disciplines allow the viewer to cross the land barrier and let him feel emotions and sensations that stand apart from the senses.

It is precisely on these perceptions that is based the painting of the Florentine artist Milvio Sodi. His works draw inspiration from reality but, to look at them, you don’t feel it.

The artist, in fact, goes far beyond the common way to see the outside world and transforms his works in a whirlwind of colors and shapes able to invoke moods constantly moving. In this way he turns nature into abstract feelings by painting the “internal” part of the world.

His pictorial log is marked by a combination of different forms, each with a different color. These have their own path that drags viewer’s mind in moments of reflection and temporal suspension. Colour and light levels are of different intensity and gradation and they live together in a harmonious pictorial composition. The same harmony can be found in the slight difference between the different “blocks” of color.

The plunge into the various components of the canvas is the union between what is perceived through the senses and the emotions arising. Everything converges in values that find a way: the meaning of life.