The act of picking up a grass or berry was the first, the most basic, but the most useful for the survival and growth of man.

The choice that leads to the gesture of the collection must be full of knowledge that, limited to the dawn of life, has been enriched by knowing over the centuries, revealing the greatest civilizations that face on one of the most majestic ever: the Mediterranean.


In the wanderings through the coasts and the mountains, evergreen vegetation, yellowish green related colours faded, is defined as “the maquis”, a natural work that combines history and tradition of the famous sea, as well as “inexhaustible source of inspiration” that, in growing seasons, manifests itself in the air through a magic flavours typical of the flora of the territory. A true olfactory landscape that turns into a mystical journey to the lands of the Mediterranean.

Thyme, Rosemary, Myrtle and other characteristic wildflowers blend the delicate aromas of the coast with that of the sea breeze.

The ancient culture about the properties of the aromatic plants that inhabit our regions is witnessing a knowledge still guarded in the kitchen, in the composition of perfumes, in medicine and in the preparation of aromatic waters.

The aromatic qualities of these waters create special olfactory and taste perceptions that fit nicely to the five human senses, communicating positive feelings that remain fixed in memory and memories of the Mediterranean.